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Conditions we treat

Browse the list of common foot conditions that we treat. If you suspect that you have any of the following foot problems then contact us to book an initial consultation.


News from ASG Footcare

Age UK’s Falls Awareness week

Age UK are holding a Falls Awareness week from the 17th-21st June, 2013 – the theme of which is ‘Healthy Feet’ this year. Events include tips on how to look after your feet, footwear advice and foot exercise advice to help keep feet and ankles strong. It is known that weak foot and ankle muscles […]

Winter Service!

Now is the time to get out your winter boots and shoes and keep your feet warm and toasty for another 5-6 months!! But before you send them into hibernation why not treat them to a Winter Service? Contact us at ASG Footcare to make sure that your feet are in tip top condition this […]

Love your feet this summer!

Its the time of year when (fingers crossed!!) our feet come out of their boots and shoes hibernation and into the open air! With that in mind, why not treat yourself and your feet to a summer MOT. Let us get rid of all the dry, hard skin and make those toenails something to show […]